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The success of any business, where there is someone else than the owner, ultimately depends on quality of people hiring. Therefore, recruiting is always a jewelry job - it doesn’t matter if you need to pick one specialist who will join an existing team or to form a new team from scratch.


Each vacancy is a unique selling proposition that is important to present correctly and competently on the labor market.


Helping to build a strong HR brand is a parallel task with hiring, one cannot be solved without the other.


The principles and values of the candidates are as important as their knowledge and skills, the goal is to find a complete match, as in puzzles.


Even selecting one specialist, we increase the overall efficiency of your team so that the sum of 2 + 2 becomes more than 4.


When evaluating candidates, we check the results of testing for behaviors in a team and team roles in order to achieve synergy and effective partnerships within the team. 


Automation  of processes, transparency and statistics turn hiring into  an understandable and controlled process.


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3 reasons to trust us recruiting of the right specialist:

1. Every year recruiting becomes more difficult and costly in time, effort and nerves. We can take all the most difficult work, while ensuring full transparency of the selection process.

2. We have a common goal: to find the best candidates for your company. Only in this way everyone will get the maximum benefit from our cooperation.

3. We are looking not just for professionals, but for specialists that coincide your corporate values, your team and the one you need at this particular development stage of your company.


There is nothing better for a recruiter than to see how your candidate has found his ideal job, and your client - the best employee. For this result, it is important to work with the candidates themselves: you can not get into a cool company with a bad resume or not prepared for a technical interview. The recruiter is not just a mediator, but a professional consultant and ally, who helps a candidate to overcome all the difficulties on the way to finding a job.


The Job search is also a job that requires certain specific knowledge and skills from a candidate and our task is to help you get the best offer.


We evaluate candidates by their knowledge, experience and skills, not by the date of birth in the passport. Therefore, we have created an age-free territory #bestage - a platform for candidates from 35+ to infinity, where vacancies  without age restrictions, useful materials for job search, free advice and recommend candidates are published.


We select the best employers and vacancies in the labor market for cooperation.  


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3 reasons to send us a resume right now:

1. Get free expert advice on how to improve your resume.

2. You will be able to apply for vacancies in large companies that are not found on the Internet.

3. Applicants from our database receive invitations to new jobs in the first place.


It is important for us to share our thoughts, knowledge and experience with colleagues. The usefulness of the community speaks of professionalism louder than the brightest and most expensive advertising. Therefore, in 2017, an educational platform for HR-specialists and recruiters - HR-Campus was created, which specializes in discussing narrowly professional issues: sourcing and search tools, technical basis for IT-recruiters, innovations in talent management - the use of bots, databases, artificial intelligence for hiring personnel. With us you are always aware of new products and industry trends!


Bestseller.Team appeared as a separate direction for recruiting as part of Bestseller Group in 2016. Among the solved tasks are the implementation of the staff growth strategy and team building in the projects of Bestseller Group and external customers working in different areas (from FMCG, e-commerce, digital marketing to web-development), with different forms of employment and the proposed conditions (remote, fulltime/parttime, equity participation in the start-up, etc.), with different locations (search and recruitment throughout the CIS). In 2018  Bestseller Group was transformed into an investment Fund and the Bestseller.Team entered the recruitment market to provide search and recruitment services to a wider range of companies.


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If you are interested in any of these candidates, please contact us at and we will share contacts with you for free.



Location: Kiev.

Experience and achievements: 5 years of experience as a sales manager. The amount of contracts from 30 000 UAH to 1.5 million UAH. Specialization - banking, investment, insurance products. He knows and understands the psychology of sales. He worked on the territory of Ukraine, the former CIS, European (Russian-speaking) countries.



Location: Moscow.

Experience and achievements: technical higher education, last 10 years he has been working as a head of the technical service responsible for flight safety (civil aviation). Have experience as a commercial director in the field of electronics. High communication skills, advanced English. Experience working in a cross-cultural environment.



Location: Kiev  

Experience and achievements: She is looking for job in project management, marketing, PR, events. Over 10 years experience in marketing. She has experience in various markets (call centers, logistics, pharmaceuticals, education).  English  level is upper intermediate.


Below our current vacancies. 


Location: Moscow

Description: t
he framework of the project: omnichannel B2B sales of food ingredients for the production of beverages, pastry chefs and bakeries in 4 countries: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus, namely, an online store, distribution, import-export, wholesale and retail trade.


Location: Moscow

Description: i
n 2018, we launch an investment fund and a credit union that can earn on financing businesses and start-ups in developing sectors where we have competencies that can be served by our business incubator and / or pumped by our business accelerator.


Location: Moscow

Description:  t
he essence of the product: marketplace for trade marketing tasks; agencies, customers and performers receive a software product for free, and for a performer our product is the ability to choose an order, time and place of its execution, as well as a guarantee of payment from the customer for the work performed.


ADDRESS: Kiev, Antonovicha str. 140
PHONE NUMBER: Moscow +7 (499) 6384647, Kiev +38 044 4991794, Almaty  +7 (727) 3505338, Minsk +375 (24) 9706505, Tallinn +372 (80) 803903, LA +1 (424) 4423174